Lissette-Lissette is a self taught Makeup Artist born and raised in Bronx, NY to Puerto Rican parents.  Her passion for makeup started back in high school.  Being part of dance teams provided an opportunity to apply makeup on fellow dancers.  Since then, Lissette has fallen in love with the art form and embarked upon independent classes lead by licensed professionals to learn about the latest makeup application techniques and trends relating to cosmetics. 

From book covers to magazines, photo shoots and weddings, Lissette-Lissette is a well-rounded artist.  Though her first love is Special FX makeup, she continues to cease opportunities across the board to stay abreast of the industry.  New endeavors include recording tutorials for her new YouTube channel, which means learning video editing as well! Lissette is funny, loving, compassionate, and a great friend.  Working with her is like working with family.  Make sure to find @LissetteLissette on Instagram and @Lissette Li on FaceBook.  Style is so fresh and nice, they say her name twice!

Lissette lissette


"I want to thank everyone that have supported me along my journey.  From friends who have allowed me to use their face for makeup practice to family that helped me in between gigs.  I'm especially thankful to my boyfriend who believed in me when I at times I could't believe in myself...gracias de todo corazon.  I love you"